Category: Heiltsuk Docs

Outline of Further Action to be Taken for the Recording and Preservation of the Heiltsuk Language

John C. Rath. Heiltsuk Cultural Education Centre, , Wáglísla.

Vocabularies of the Languages of Indians Inhabiting N.W. America

John K. Townsend. Manuscripts. APS, Philadelphia. [174].

Seeing the Heiltsuk Orthography from Font Encoding through to Unicode: A Case Study Using Convertextract

Aidan Pine and Mark Turin. Sustaining Knowledge Diversity in the Digital Age (2018): 27.

Person and deixis in Heiltsuk pronouns

Bronwyn Bjorkman, Elizabeth Cowper, Daniel Currie Hall, and Andrew Peters. Canadian Journal of Linguistics/ Revue canadienne de linguistique.

UHLAP Language Materials (April 28th – June 30th)

Liz Wilson and Ben Chung in collaboration with Chester Lawson (Week 7), UHLAP.

Urban Heiltsuk (Híɫzaqv) Language Program Survey

Liz Wilson, Aly Reid, Sheila Reid, Kim Lawson, Ben Chung, Annie Guerin, Mark Turin, UHLAP.

Híɫzaqv Unicode keyboard

Aidan Pine.

Online Híɫzaqv Orthography Converter

Aidan Pine. Converter accepts Doulos font text and converts to Unicode and vice-versa.

Híɫzaqv Digital Dictionary

Mark Turin and Aidan Pine. First online version of Heiltsuk Digital Dictionary v. 2.1., 2007.