Heiltsuk Unicode Keyboard

The Heiltsuk Unicode input system and keyboard are separate technologies from Heiltsuk Doulos, Heiltsuk Times or other Heiltsuk-specific fonts. With the Heiltsuk Unicode keyboard, you can type Heiltsuk characters without having to install a special font. It works on most conventional software, whether online (such as Twitter and Facebook) or offline (such as Word and PowerPoint).

We suggest selecting Times New Roman as your font as this is available on all computers and has a full character set to render Heiltsuk correctly. Further instructions for installing and typing with the Heiltsuk keyboard are provided in the installation package for Mac and Windows respectively.

Please click one of the links below to download the current working version of the Heiltsuk Unicode keyboard for your operating system. A folder will then download with installation files and instructions.

Mac  Mac
windows  Windows

  Last updated on 08 January, 2018.